Christmas Memories in Song!

Christmas songs stir up and attach memories to past holidays! My good friend at A Random Walk with MJ posted her 10 Favourite Christmas Songs which was good fun to read, since we both grew up in Canada!

So, here’s my list which starts off with albums or CD’s that we always listen to every Christmas (now in digital format!). I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 songs!

  1. The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album, 1976. This album goes way back to my childhood! Our family would attend Christmas Eve candlelight service, then sip hot cider at a friend’s home, listening to the whole album together. We would also listen on Christmas morning while opening presents or during Christmas dinner. My Mom would pour us a glass of sparkling Baby Duck (only on special occasions!) I still listen to this album on Christmas Eve to this day!
  2. Sarah McLachlan Wintersong, 2006. Sarah’s silky voice starts off our Christmas mornings! I have seen her in concert twice in my 20’s in Canada, and is still a favorite artist of mine!
  3. Chris Botti December, 2002, . There’s something haunting about Chris Botti’s smooth jazz trumpet version of holiday songs.
  4. Diana Krall Christmas Songs, 2005. We are big fans of this Canadian artist and went to see her in concert in Summer of 2019!
  5. Smooth Jazz Christmas, Smooth Christmas, Snow Light, Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas. These albums don’t stand out enough to have their own bullet point, but they are so wonderful for background music while opening gifts! Aaron Neville’s wavering voice takes some getting used to, though.
  6. Silent Night. The ultimate hymn for me! It was the very last hymn of the Christmas Eve Candlelight service during my childhood. All the lights were turned off, and the glow of the candles sticking out of birch logs along the windowsills was magical! The last verse was sung very softly and low – all is calm, all is bright!
  7. Do They Know it’s Christmas, Band Aid 1984. This song will never got old! Boy George, George Michael, Phil Collins and more!
  8. Carol of the Bells by Lindsey Stirling, 2017. Everything Lindsey does is phenomemal! We saw her in concert a few years ago and it tops all of the concerts we have seen for visual, talent, energy and fun!
  9. Angels We Have Heard on High. I have heard this song during church and concerts many times, but my favorite is when my parents would host the choir party at our house and I could hear my Dad singing at the top of his lungs, straining his voice to hit the high notes. What a great memory!
  10. Hallelujia Chorus. For many years we did a family outing with our boys to the Portland Christian Center’s amazing choir concert! It was always free, but it’s the best concert around – beautiful visually with matching, sparkling outfits, adult, teen & children’s choir and my favorite was the bell choir. The last song was always the Hallelujia Chorus where streamers would shoot out from the ceiling onto the crowd. A Grand Finale!

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