Reduce stress by learning something new every day!

Reducing stress is one way to strengthen your immunity system, which is so important right now — this year, this season! According to Live Naturally magazine, “…when you open up the curiosity center of your brain, taking in new information, your brain releases good hormones…”

I have picked up new creative skills this year, and try to do a little bit each day in any “pockets of time” I have.

I learned watercolor painting through Let’s Make Art tutorials and have a portfolio collection of art now! But, I really wanted to find another way to use my new skill to bless other people. I discovered 2 ways to do that: donating cards and tags to’s Cards for Kindness program as well as local senior centers, hoping to brighten someone’s day.

One of my passions is art journaling inspirational messages from books and authors like Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Karen Ehman. Through art journaling, I discovered a podcast, Journaling with Nature which has sparked my interest in nature journaling which combines my love of the outdoors with sketching and watercolor painting!

I wonder what other creative projects I will discover?

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