The Drawing Room

The name Drawing Room is derived from the 16th-century term withdrawing room, where after a dinner party, the ladies gathered for conversation, leaving the men at the table with their cigars and brandy or port. The men would later withdraw from the dining room and join the ladies in the drawing room.

While reading the fascinating book, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, I came across a reference to other social activities that took place in the drawing room. “The aim was to ensure she was well read and could fulfill the social skills required for ‘the drawing room’, which meant music, dancing, singing and sketching.” (p.34)

Wait… sketching, or drawing? I was excited to hear that artistic activities were important during social time, and perhaps the Drawing Room was named partly because of the sketching and drawing that happened in this room.

Today, we tend to draw and sketch as a solitary activity, but why not create and learn from others! For now, we have to do this with friends in the Zoom room, but when we can gather, I think this would be a fun after dinner or social experience!

I had such an enriching experience nature sketching with my son during the holidays on a sunny, crisp day. Focusing on the plant details, colors and sounds of the forest was a great distraction from any worry!

My ‘drawing rooms’!

Today’s drawing room can be anywhere we find peace, reflection and inspiration. My ‘drawing room’ is the greenbelt in my backyard or our ‘craft room’ which is also the sauna room, workout room & my office! Whether it is outdoors or around the table after family dinner, trying something new might just inspire a new hobby of drawing and sketching!

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4 thoughts on “The Drawing Room

  1. Karen, I love this post. I had no idea where the term drawing room came from. It would be fun to try to try draw together. I used to do it with my kids when they were small, but they seem to have lost interest.


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