A Podcast, A Coffee, A Good Day!

Podcasts have quickly become a regular source of inspiration for me! Not so long ago, I wondered how I could possibly find the time to listen to podcasts, especially any ones that were over 20 minutes. 

I found “pockets of time” to try a few and have found that I can pop in my Samsung earbuds and listen while I cook, clean, drive or work on creative projects. It makes some tasks so much more enjoyable!

Now that I have found solutions for listening, I am hooked!

Here are my favorites!

  1. Journaling with Nature with Bethan Burton. Every episode inspires me and it is the reason I recently got started with nature journaling! It is a very relaxing, calm, inspirational podcast (45-60min each).
  2. Live Happy Now with Paula Felps. Shorter episodes (less than 30 min.) makes this one a great listen in the car since my trips are fairly short these days. It seems almost every guest has an interesting book to talk about so my wish list keeps growing!
  3. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown. Lots of real content here which compliments Brene’s work on courage and vulnerability. Some episodes are on topics of less interest to me, but I’ve learned a lot about subjects I otherwise wouldn’t have researched.
  4. Dare to Lead with Brene Brown. Conversations with guests who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead. 
  5. Quiet: The Power of Introverts with Susan Cain. Incredibly important information about understanding and empowering quiet kids. Great for educators and parents! I read Susan’s book and watched the TED Talk of the same name. All are excellent!
  6. Lady Carnarvon’s Official Podcast with Lady Carnavon of Highclere Castle. Charming guests include staff members (butler, gardener, beekeeper, gift shop and more) that run Highclere Castle which is a working home, business and farm set amidst 1,000 acres of spectacular parkland.
  7. Grand Rounds with Cascade hosted by Dr. Rian Shah. Fascinating range of health and wellness topics and she’s also a big fan of Brene Brown!

On my radar!

  1. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. Lots of discussion about creative living!
  2. Crafting & Coffee with Amy Latta Creations. All things crafting! I have learned so much about hand lettering through Amy’s book Hand Lettering for Relaxation!
  3. Hard Times & Hope by Jule Kucera. Lots of interesting topics about overcoming a difficult obstacle. 
  4. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris. 

There’s a lot to learn out there and keep us inspired if we just get creative with our time! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy any of these podcasts!

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4 thoughts on “A Podcast, A Coffee, A Good Day!

  1. Wow, our tastes are completely different Karen. Though I’m not really surprised. Here are my top 4
    1. The Cryptoqueen – BBC –an unsolved mystery that you can’t stop listening too.
    2. Death in Ice Valley – BBC – an unsolved murder mystery that you want to know who it is.
    3. Malcom Gladwell, Revisionist History – Pushkin – From art to politics to history a different view of past events.
    4. Your Own Backyard by Chris Lambert – an murder mystery that is most likely solvable.
    Mostly unsolved mysteries. The 10% Happier Podcast is hit and miss. Some of them are amazing and some I just skip through. I would like to try the Happiness Lab, and Against the Rules with Michael Lewis.


    • The theme of my favorite podcasts is inspiration and happiness! It helps so much! I looked up your list of favorites. I am curious as to why you are not surprised our tastes are so different? I guess we should try some episodes from each other’s list and check them out!


      • Just the way you write, I thought you would listen to inspirational podcasts and I tend to listen to podcasts more to know about information that really isn’t useful in my everyday life but still somehow fascinates me. I did like the Lady Carnarvon one you suggested I listen to. I think Gregg would like Quiet. I would like to try Grand Rounds with Cascade.


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