5 Tips for New Empty Nesters!

Later this year, we will become empty nesters! In the blink of an eye, our boys have grown and flown. The past 20 years have been focused on family life and preparing our boys to become independent. Not fair! So, we ask ourselves, “Now what do we do?!

I have 5 simple tips for couples who find themselves in the empty nest season of life. The first step is to incorporate these tips before the kids move out for a smooth transition!

  1. Appetizers: Sharing an appetizer and a glass of wine at the kitchen island on bar stools gives us an informal, relaxing time to chat about the day or make plans.
  2. Trivia: We keep a basket of trivia cards at the dinner table to keep conversation flowing. We always learn a few things, have a laugh and friendly competition.
  3. Creative projects: Working on creative projects together has been a great find! We collected a fallen tree after a storm (we), cut disks for coasters (him), cut out bird shapes (him), filled with resin (her) and coated with urethane (her). I even got a custom ornament for a Valentine’s Day gift!
  4. Nature: Daily walks rain or shine or dark with our dog gets us moving, observing and chatting. We also love to bird watch, bike, hike, kayak, and camp. I recently started nature journaling which has also inspired my husband to stop and observe things like moss (which side of the tree does it grow on?) or listen to the wind!
  5. Date night: Our favorite outing is going to a wine tasting eatery with live music and a cozy fireplace. We’ve also done epicurean tours which opens our interests to a variety of places that we wouldn’t have known about. We’ll get back to date nights once the pandemic passes.

What are your tips for empty nesters? Please share in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “5 Tips for New Empty Nesters!

  1. Love these ideas Karen. Yeah, date night isn’t a thing right now, unless it is at home. We regularly walk together, and sit in the living room talking. However, the trivia idea is new, I think I might try that.


  2. Well done!!! I’m so glad you have ways to get through this first strange period with both boys gone!! I’m so thankful that you are so creative!! However, do not be surprised if you do have some moments of sadness and loss and TEARS!!!! From one who knows, Love, Mom.


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