5 lessons the pandemic taught us about life, work, play and connections

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” ~ Unknown

Looking back on the past year, there have been plenty of stresses, worries and adjustments along the way. We’ve all had to change the way we live, work, play and connect.

But, some of the changes we’ve made might just be sustainable and for the better. We discovered new hobbies, ways to relax and creative ways to keep in touch with those near and far!

Here are 5 lessons that taught us new ways of thinking, working, creating and connecting.

  1. Nature. I started stepping into the backyard at lunch, observing the birds chirping, the bees buzzing on the blossoms or sitting on the garden bench in the breeze. I wouldn’t have seen this if I had been at the office. I started nature journaling the details that caught my eye in the forest – colorful blossoms, interesting leaves, fungus on a log, the pattern of a beetle excavating on a log. I joined a nature journal FaceBook group to connect with others who have the same interest, share sketches and learn more about journaling. There have been some interesting videos circulating showing wildlife walking through towns due to much reduced traffic and the lack of people!
  2. Connecting near and far. One of the most interesting things about this time at home is connecting with friends (local and distant) and family over video calls where in the past, we would just have been talking on the phone or texting! There is more of a feeling of a true visit when you can see each other! Another fun video call was with co-workers from my very first job out of university almost 30 years ago! It was great to catch up, and probably not something that would have happened before the pandemic.
  3. Home cooked meals. Our credit card has been cut in half since we have been cooking so much at home and not eating out! We do support our favorite restaurants by ordering take-out periodically and the occasional Costco pizza helps to give us a break.
  4. Flexible schedule. Taking a lunch break can be worked around my family’s schedule so we can eat together or take a walk for fresh air. The dog sometimes gets 3 walks a day! I also have been able to attend Zoom nature journaling workshops that run right up until my work start time or during my lunch break!
  5. Creativity. It has been so inspiring to see how businesses have been changing their models to keep going – everything from take-out food and take home craft kits to online workshops from other time zones. It has allowed us to try new things from outside our area that we otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Maybe we will all rethink overscheduling our activities, eating out too often or hectic business travel. There is a lot to ponder and a chance to refresh and direct our paths with intention once the world is open again!

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2 thoughts on “5 lessons the pandemic taught us about life, work, play and connections

  1. I agree Karen. Some aspects of Covid have set in place good changes for our lives. Our family has lunch together almost everyday now. Many of the changes businesses have been forced to make are very positive.


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