The Little Oath That Could!

One of the best things about this past year is discovering a little company called Let’s Make Art! Their free tutorials have provided many hours of watercolor painting and learning new techniques in a fun and no pressure format.

To begin each lesson, the artist, Sarah Cray, recites an oath that is wonderful and inspiring!

I promise to be kind to myself.

I promise to not compare my work.

I promise to have fun!

I thought… this oath could be applied to so many areas of our lives — work, education, creativity, sports, etc. I added the oath to my art journal as a reminder to be kind to myself in the creative process. I see so many people post a photo of their painting on social media and express how unhappy they are with the end product. This makes me sad and I want to share a few quotes that keep me inspired.

Art is a process, not a product.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you love. ~Brene Brown

A lot of things have been done, but they gave not YET been done by YOU! ~Elizabeth Gilbert

So, pause and practice self-compassion by repeating the oath and moving forward with your projects, memories and ideas with confidence!


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