Summer is coming! Adventure videos sure to inspire you!

My guest blogger today is an avid outdoor explorer and technology enthusiast! Combining these 2 interests led to the perfect combination for his hobby: adventure videography! His videos capture beautiful scenery, route maps and drone tips. I get to enjoy these locations, too since he is my husband! Enjoy David’s creative tours through Presence Videography for awesome outdoor activities.

We have had the most gorgeous spring weather in the Pacific Northwest this week! With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning activities to enjoy the summer.

To inspire you, we have several new adventure / aerial / 360 videos from the Pacific Northwest of our biking, kayaking and hiking trips. Choose your adventure and enjoy! Subscribe to get notified as new adventures are posted.

For more descriptions and locations to explore, visit Presence Videography on YouTube!

Here is a sample of few of our favorites:

Presence Videography graphics by @NickHoulding,

What adventure will you choose this summer?


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