Finding Creative Inspiration with My Giant Strawberry!

Flower Pounding
[Summer Adventures in Your Botanical Sketchbook class on Skillshare]

My creative journey this past year has been greatly influenced by Skillshare! Skillshare is a delightful collection of online video based classes where you can learn new skills in watercolor, drawing, hand lettering, graphic design, crafts, computer skills… the list goes on!

I have worked on calligraphy, watercolor, inspirational doodles, mushroom and butterfly sketching and more in over 40 classes! Each class is divided into bite-sized videos, usually 3-10 min. each, which fits my schedule so well! On average, each class is about an hour, so it’s not a huge investment in time. I can fit in a video or 2 in pockets of time during the day, work on the sketching or painting and come back later when I have another block of time. It really makes learning time accessible and not overwhelming and you also move your projects forward each day.

The most classes I have taken from one artist is from Anne Butera of My Giant Strawberry. Anne’s classes are so inspiring, easy-going and flexible! She covers basic sketching and watercolor techniques, but inspires freedom in your project to create what brings you joy!

Joy Cards with quotes, creative and sharing ideas
[Handcrafted Inspiration Deck class on Skillshare]

Anne’s classes tick all the boxes for me on my creative journey! Banishing creative fears, creating joy cards, exploring nature through all the seasons and mixing watercolor are just some of the projects in her classes.

In addition to the handmade projects, there are computer classes to teach you how to scan your work or incorporate your paintings into calendars and tea towels for gift giving. I have been looking for an excuse to learn a bit about Photoshop so these classes are next on my radar!

Hand-lettered and Watercolor Calendar
[design based on Make Calendars with your Art in Photoshop class on Skillshare]

Anne writes a joyful blog at which is very encouraging and down-to-earth. I hope you will try out her classes and enjoy some creative time for yourself!


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