Nature Walks: Find One Thing & Gratitude Journal Page!

Orange Jelly Fungus. Owls calling after dark. Water droplets dripping in the forest.

These are all special findings on my daily nature walks or things I’ve noticed during the day! Most days I enjoy a nature walk through my neighborhood trails and around the ponds. There is so much to notice, but I try to find one thing each walk or in each day to record into my journal.

I created a sunburst page to record one thing each day that sparked joy. I thought I would share how I made this simple page.

  1. Using watercolor pencils, I drew a rough series of half circles at the edge of the page with several colors.
  2. I drew radiant lines like a burst of sun rays with a pattern of colors.
  3. With a water brush, I blended the lines until they were softer and spread out.
Once dry, I made an entry every day with the date. I didn’t miss a day for the whole month of December! Keeping the page open in my creative space helped me to remember to reflect on the day and find one thing to be grateful for.

This is just one style of many that you can create to record daily gratitude. Let me know in the comments if you have created a gratitude page and how it’s helped find the joy in each day!


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