Look Up At The Sky Day! April 14

Remember lying on the grass as a child and looking up at the sky to name the cloud formations — alligator, bird, hippo, jellyfish? Well, there is an annual celebration of the sky every April 14th!

I found out about this day through reading the resource list in Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie. I love to read the back of books where the resources are listed and where the author lists their gratitude for all those who helped with the book!

Some believe this day started in honor of Jack Borden, a former Boston newsman who quit his day job after looking up at the sky upon waking from a short nap in a meadow after a walk. When he awoke, he realized he was staring up at the deep blue sky with large puffy clouds and he felt overwhelmed with joy. He wanted to spread the word and began conducting man-on-the-street interviews with strangers, asking them to describe the sky. Most could not even admit that they had looked up at the sky that day! Once they looked up, they would enthusiastically say it looked beautiful!

In 1988 he founded “For Spacious Skies”, a non-profit which would bring sky awareness to the nation — including elementary schools, prisons, and nursing facilities, and to the homebound. It encourages people to live in the moment rather than passing through life without noticing nature’s beauty.

If you can find video clips of Jack’s street interviews, they are precious! His energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

I have always been a sky watcher! Years ago, when I lived in Vancouver, BC, my now husband & I would race home from work, gather picnic supplies and head down to the beaches of Stanley Park to watch the sunset! When we are camping, we also spend more time noticing the sky throughout the day to make sure we don’t get caught in downpours, but the highlight of the day is always watching the sunset!

So, on this Look Up At The Sky Day April 14, spend some time looking up at the sky, naming cloud formations, taking photos, sketching or painting what you see!

Have you looked up at the sky today?



National Look Up At The Sky Day

When the Sky’s the Limit, Literally

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2 thoughts on “Look Up At The Sky Day! April 14

  1. Such a fabulous post, Karen! I’m also a sky watcher, and often when driving down the road (I’m not the one actually driving!) I grab my sketch pad and sketch those hippos too! This morning our sky is totally clear blue, but maybe this afternoon? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this gorgeous spring day!

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