Sparking Joy and Sharing Creative Time with Friends!

Creating art is about the work and that work connecting with others, even if it’s only a few people. But there is always an implied other there, always a desire to reach out and ‘touch’ another.

Gabe Blessing via Susan Cain’s Facebook page

I enjoy creative time a lot, trying new techniques or new paints, colored pencils, metallic paint pens — a wide variety of supplies! And, most of it is inspired by nature. But, even better is getting to experiment, create and brainstorm ideas with a friend!

I love the quote above which hints that we tend to create with others in mind — whether it’s sharing photos of our art afterwards or creating the art alongside others. Another quote on connection which is meaningful to me is by Brene Brown:

We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

Every May, my good friend & I meet up to celebrate our birthdays and enjoy creative time, exploring new places, nature walks and catching up! We’ve done many types of projects: nature sketching, watercolor painting, sketchbook binding, brush pen marker drawing and terrarium design. There’s always something fun to try!

On our recent meet up, we drew garden plants with brush pen markers in our sketchbooks, made wax stamp seals with botanicals tucked in behind the wax and made cyanotype botanical prints in the few unexpected moments of sunshine! And, there’s always lots of chatting and nature walks — we even walked through the Bellevue Botanical Gardens in the pouring rain! Now, that’s plant-loving dedication!

So, invite a friend, get out supplies, create, enjoy a nature walk — connection with others sparks inspiration!

Sparks of Inspiration!

I am inspired by these family members and friends that encourage connection to each other through art projects and nature!

  • Three and Me. Create – Enjoy – Repeat! Claire warmly shares her artistic expertise and inspires participants to enjoy the creative process through art experiences – workshops, parties & events!
  • Dalisse Designs on Etsy. Jennifer showcases her nature photography and hand drawn original line art to embellish beautiful tote bags, tees and more!


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6 thoughts on “Sparking Joy and Sharing Creative Time with Friends!

    • Thank you, Claire! It was a very inspiring meet-up to inspire each other! It reminded me of your beautiful workshops that encourage connection and inspiration through the creative process! I missed adding my “Sparks of Inspiration” section on my post, but just added it, linking Three and Me this week! 🙂


  1. What a wonderful time creating with your good friend! And such an interesting, eclectic assortment of projects you worked on together! Loved your post and the quotes! Thanks for sharing, Karen ……. And Happy Birthday!

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