Sharing! Day 2 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

June 1st – 7th marks the annual International Nature Journaling Week (INJW) hosted by the amazing podcast @journalingwithnature! This year’s theme is “Back to Basics” — slowing down, noticing your nearby nature, and getting your thoughts, words, sketches and numbers onto the pages of your sketchbook. Each day has a theme that focuses on an important value of nature journaling. The schedule, themes along with inspiring videos and nature resources can all be found at

🦋 INJW Day 2 Sharing! I shared a wonderful few moments with this Cinnabar Moth as it fluttered by in front of me while I was throwing the ball for the dog in the backyard! I chased it for a bit then it briefly landed on a tree so I could observe it, then it breezed off over the fence out of sight…just like that!

I was able to start the sketch page during my lunch break at a local park where I sat on a huge Douglas Fir log, surrounded by trees with a view of the lake!

🌲 We share our backyard with so many creatures as our property is on a greenbelt. We’ve seen coyote, bear, bobcat, deer, raccoon, owl, hawk, butterflies, dragonflies and right now the trees & flowers are literally buzzing loudly with bees!

Check out our compilation video of wildlife that passed by our property during the first year in our home! Watch “Wildlife of Sammamish”.

There is a lot to discover right in our own back yards! Hope you find some nature treasures in your nearby nature!



2 thoughts on “Sharing! Day 2 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

  1. What a gorgeous butterfly! I’ve never heard of that species. I’m delighted to see where the International Nature Journaling week takes you. It’s a wonderful theme, and so far the message and presenters have been great! I’ll be playing catch up, but really looking forward to Jean Mackay today! Have fun Karen!

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    • I saw one last summer in the grasses around a retention pond and was so struck by the vibrant color! It was a wonderful surprise to see one flutter right in front of me this week, what a treat! I look forward to your pages, and I’ll see you at Jean Mackay’s workshop (as you may know, hers was the first nature journal page I ever saw and I was immediately drawn to it! The perfect combination of art, creativity and nature!)


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