Creativity! Day 3 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

June 1st – 7th marks the annual International Nature Journaling Week (INJW) hosted by the amazing podcast @journalingwithnature! This year’s theme is “Back to Basics” — slowing down, noticing your nearby nature, and getting your thoughts, words, sketches and numbers onto the pages of your sketchbook. Each day has a theme that focuses on an important value of nature journaling. The schedule, themes along with inspiring videos and nature resources can all be found at

INJW Day 3 Creativity! It’s slug and snail season in the PNW … all year round!

🐌 Coming in from our evening walk, I noticed a snail making its way slowly across the front sidewalk, so I grabbed my sketchbook and started sketching. Looking left, there was another snail — with a beautiful yellowish shell, and in front, a slug!

✍ I learned a few facts about each of them and recorded it which helps me to remember the details like how long they live and how to tell the age of a snail by checking the rings on the shell!

🎨 I started sketching with my usual Micron 05, but then, through the encouragement of today’s theme of Creativity — I brainstormed other tools that I could use to draw with and color the page. I used my whittled stick and ink to letter the title and some of the text. Then, from the kitchen, I poured a little hot water into 2 dishes — one with instant coffee granules and one with powdered turmeric. These were so much fun to paint with and were the perfect colors I needed for the slug & snails!

There is a lot to discover right in our own back yards! Hope you find some nature treasures in your nearby nature!



7 thoughts on “Creativity! Day 3 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

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  2. Definitely an inspiring page of squishy, squirmy nature! And what interesting facts you discovered about both snails and slugs. I didn’t know the slime trail was a defense mechanism! Your effects with both the coffee and turmeric are great too Karen. I wonder what beet root powder will do? Thanks for sharing. I can tell yiu had a lot of fun with this page!


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