Confidence! Day 5 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

June 1st – 7th marks the annual International Nature Journaling Week (INJW) hosted by the amazing podcast @journalingwithnature! This year’s theme is “Back to Basics” — slowing down, noticing your nearby nature, and getting your thoughts, words, sketches and numbers onto the pages of your sketchbook. Each day has a theme that focuses on an important value of nature journaling. The schedule, themes along with inspiring videos and nature resources can all be found at

INJW Day 5: Confidence!

πŸ’§ I got out into the backyard in between raindrops and spent some time blind contour drawing! (blind contour drawing is looking at an object while moving your pen on the paper to draw it — without looking at the paper)

πŸ–‹ I didn’t always think blind contour drawing was necessary. I was impatient and wanted to get straight to the sketching! But, since I have been practicing it, I have realized that it helps my brain to really notice details and to forget about making the sketch a piece of art! It has helped me to get the object down on the page easily and spend more time observing, wondering and learning about it.

🌼 It’s a great warm-up for starting a blank page and not feel intimidated. The drawings may or may not look like the object at all, but it is really training you to see!

πŸ“‘ It has also given me more confidence about sketching a page for the experience of observing and writing down details about things I have noticed.

🌱 In today’s workshop by John Muir Laws, he shared great tips for gaining confidence to start sketching on a blank page:
> painting a random background design first,
> record the meta data (date, place, weather, etc.),
> use writing, labelling, checklists
> and the most fun idea — squeeze berry juice on the page❗

There is a lot to discover right in our own back yard! Hope you find some treasures in your nearby nature!


Nature discoveries on Instagram: @iamchasingbutterflies


2 thoughts on “Confidence! Day 5 of International Nature Journaling Week “Back to Basics”

  1. The photo of the salmonberry is wonderful! I love your blind contour sketching pages and comments, but I find it hard to imagine you ever are intimidated by a blank page! Your blueberry juice stain turned green …. Very interesting. The raspberry staining seemed to retain its color tho. Hmmmmm? And did you try your experiments about raspberry stems and their color?


  2. Thanks, Barb! It’s getting easier to face a blank page with so much inspiration around me! Smashing the berries was fun and noticing their change in color over time. I didn’t do any more experimenting, but will over the summer as new blossoms & fruit arrives!


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