Botanical Paper Making 3 Ways — leaf prints & rubber stamping on tracing paper and tissue textured paper!

I’ve been having fun experimenting with making plant themed paper with 3 different methods!

Leaf prints on tracing paper. I think this one turned out to be my favorite! Gather fresh leaves, paint the backs of them with acrylic paint using a foam paintbrush, press onto tracing paper by placing a plain sheet overtop and smoothing out with your fingers. Even the plain sheet that I used to press the plants down had interesting patterns!

Rubber stamping on tracing paper. Stamp designs onto a piece of tracing paper with different colors, some darker, some faded, fill in some small areas with watercolor.

Tissue textured paper. Brush a piece of tissue paper with watered down mod podge glue (place a piece of plastic underneath), arrange dried leaves/flowers/plants on top of the glue, brush the tops of the plants with a thin layer of glue, place another piece of tissue paper overtop of all, then brush with watered down ink or watercolor for an antique effect and hang to dry.

Leaf print tracing paper glued into journal.

All 3 of these sheets have a wonderful flexibility to them and are ready for cutting or ripping into smaller pieces to embellish cards, tags or journals. I had a few blank pages in my new Wildflower Journal (see my recent blog post on how to make a wildflower journal!) so I glued a ripped piece of the leaf print page into the journal, so that if I place a storage pocket on that page, you’ll still be able to see the print behind it!

Inspired by TheCreativeCove on YouTube (tissue textured paper & rubber stamping on tracing paper) and A Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook by Jude Siegel (leaf print).



4 thoughts on “Botanical Paper Making 3 Ways — leaf prints & rubber stamping on tracing paper and tissue textured paper!

  1. Positively brilliant! Oh how I’d not want to tear the patterns away from the page …. But what marvelous accents they would make. I love this and am inspired. Stay tuned! Thanks Karen for putting a huge smile on my face on this rain drenched Sunday (yes! We are getting our monsoons …… at long last!)


    • Thank you, Barb! I’m thrilled that you are getting rain drenched (but hopefully not flash flooded), and putting out those fires! The paper was so much fun to tear — the good news is that you can easily and quickly make more pages in a pinch once you’ve tried it. I would highly recommend it — especially the leaf prints. I loved seeing the vein outlines on the page in various shades of color!


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