Journal Pages

This hornet nest hangs in my father’s home with grapevine, decorated with feathers and a monarch butterfly! It inspired me to learn more about hornets!

A special day journaling with my son on our community’s trails and ponds!

I observed a Northern Flicker on the grass and learned that it is the only bird in the woodpecker family that pecks on the ground instead of in a tree!

Journaling with a friend can be so rewarding. My friend was writing this beautiful narrative as I was sketching and describing the plant details!

Before: I like to sketch in ink first, then add in the watercolor afterwards!

After: The sweet fragrance from our Meyer Lemon tree overwhelms the family room! The white blossom is painted with a silvery shimmer.

My first journal page! I saw these yellow leaves through the kitchen window in early winter and upon investigation they were the leaves of the white rose plant!