Sparking Creativity with my Vision Table!

Mid year 2020, I experienced a creative block, of all things! I just couldn’t get inspired or think of any projects to work on…. until I created a “vision table”!

Always keep creative supplies ready-to-go!

My craft table sits in a room on the upstairs landing of our home, where 2 staircases meet, so with everyone passing by, I felt like I had to keep my the table nice and neat, clear of stacks of supplies. Since there was nothing displayed to inspire me, I experienced a bit of creative block.

I decided that I needed to always have supplies sitting out (in an organized way!) so that I could just jump in if I had a “pocket of time” to paint a tag, a card, or sketch in my art journal. I am a visual person, so actually seeing the supplies gave me the permission to create in those all important “pockets of time”! It kind of works the same way as a vision board, where you paste magazine cutout pictures of your goals for the next year, and just by seeing those images, it plants the seed for reaching your interests and goals.

So, now I have a “vision table” which inspires me daily to create!

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